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The following is simply a treatment of legal redemption.The first-born male of every Jewish family was consecrated to Yahweh and had to be redeemed at the price of five sicles or about .75 ( Exodus 13:2, 13 ; Numbers ; etc.).

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The owner of the land might redeem it at this price, plus one- fifth; and if unredeemed, it went to the priestly domain at the year of Jubilee.

But if the dedicant of the land had himself purchased it from a third person who had sold it because of his poverty, then at the Jubilee it reverted to the latter, and the dedicant had to recompense the sanctuary by paying its redemption price calculated as before ( Leviticus -25 ).

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Houses which had been simply vowed to God could be ransomed upon the payment of the value fixed by the priest, plus one-fifth of that value ( Leviticus , 15 ).

Tithes belonged to God as the real owner of the land, and hence could not be made the subject of vows.

Redemption means either strictly deliverance by payment of a price or ransom, or simply deliverance by power, as from oppression, violence, captivity, etc.

In the Hebrew Text, the idea of redemption is directly expressed by the verbs ga’ál and padah, and by their derivatives to which the word kophér (ransom) is intimately related.

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