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And fear of the loss of personal freedom is one of the most powerful fears there is.

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People are quick to judge in these situations — if only because one does not want to imagine oneself being similarly vulnerable.

But in the end, I decided to swallow my pride in the hope that sharing the story might help someone else recognize this scam for what it is, before their fear triggers are similarly activated, at the risk of overwhelming usually more rational minds.

The car reeked from the fumes of weed laced with cocaine. Dadou has maintained since then that Sanders often raped her if she didn’t comply with his demands for sex. He hit her in the face and thigh before grabbing her throat.

Her dark wavy hair bounced as she quickly ran back into the house to get air freshener to spray in the car. He used his left hand to choke her and his right to push her head down. ” She recalls his entire upper body leaning over on her and pressing her down and forward.

“The IRS, in particular, even in a law-abiding person, is such a mystery. Indeed, for me, it almost entirely stopped me from doing what is second nature: Google it. But fear put me in an altered space that, by the following day, made the whole experience feel like a dream.

Once back to my senses, I hesitated to share my story because it is embarrassing to say one fell, or almost fell, for a scam.In fact, when Deevy received a voicemail from an IRS scammer herself, she said she had to listen to it four times before concluding it was not real.“These guys,” she says, “are very good.” Unlike most scams that attempt to trigger the desire for gain, the IRS scam rests on something more deeply hardwired in the brain — the fear of loss, which Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman and others have found, is a twice as powerful motivator.I received a call on my home phone recently from someone who identified himself as Officer Jason Dean with the Investigative Bureau of the Department of Treasury. In the car, the call came over the speaker, and when the caller put me on hold a few minutes later, I used my son’s cell to call Kate. But I was definitely operating on the premise that I needed to get to the bank before it closed to keep my options open. If it was real, I would have to access the funds that would keep me out of jail. He walked me over to the bank manager who explained: It used to be about lottery winnings. As I sipped a glass of water, and my rushing adrenalin began to subside, the whole thing suddenly seemed so obviously ridiculous.He said an arrest warrant had been issued in my name for failure to respond to IRS Notice CP503 — a third reminder — informing me that I owed ,347 in back taxes. Within twenty seconds, he came back on and asked, “Who are you talking to? At a stoplight, I glanced at the texts that had come in from Kate: “Do not take money from the bank!!! And it was no surprise that when I got back on the phone, the alleged Investigator Maguire, who must have sensed this fish getting away, was no longer there.He said my home and cell phones were being traced and I should not attempt to leave the city. I told you this is a federally monitored phone, and you cannot speak about this with anyone. “No,” I said, signaling my son not to say anything. ” I signaled for him to be quiet, dropped my kids off at home, and drove to Wells Fargo. Pls call the police instead.” “Pls speak with Marcus at the Wells Fargo before withdrawing any money.” A moment later, I was standing before Marcus. “Kate talked to the police and is 100 percent sure this is a scam,” Marcus said. Throughout my hour-long ordeal I was very aware that it could be a scam, and that there were many things that didn’t make sense.

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