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Use it until you feel tired of chatting and get some refreshment.Here is a look at the best, the worst and the just OK, our review of the Super Bowl ads that sponsors paid more than million per 30 seconds to air.As his daughter wins a soapbox derby, a dad frets about her growing up in a world where “her dad is worth more than her mom.” They drive off in their ,000-plus car, and we are told that Audi is committed to equal pay, because that’s a stronger message than, say, parent Volkswagen’s tainted commitment to clean diesel.

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S., Russia and Canada, because they have a majority.

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It tells the tale of founder Adolphus Busch emigrating to St.

Louis and meeting Eberhard Anheuser, after first encountering Americans who tell him to “go home.” The boldness of this pro-immigration message, at this moment in our country, makes up for a narrative that’s only moderately compelling.An illegal excavation funded by Lex Luthor for an energy project inadvertently unleashes an unstoppable monster that had been buried there long ago, whom Superman now has to fight, even at the cost of his own life.----------------------------------------------------------- Cast biographies are available here. The main cast of The L Word for Season 1 consisted of: Bette Porter - Jennifer Beals Tina Kennard - Laurel Holloman Shane Mc Cutcheon - Katherine Moennig Alice Pieszecki - Leisha Hailey Jenny Schecter - Mia Kirshner Marina Ferrar - Karina Lombard Dana Fairbanks - Erin Daniels Tim Haspel - Eric Mabius Kit Porter - Pam Grier Season 2 cast additions: Mark Wheeler - Eric Lively Helena Peabody - Rachel Shelley Carmen de la Pica Morales - Sarah Shahi Season 3 cast additions: Moira - Daniela Sea Angus - Dallas Roberts Dylan Moreland - Alexandra Hedison Season 4 cast additions: Jodi Lerner - Marlee Matlin Phyllis - Cybill Shepherd Papi - Janina Gavankar Paige - Kristanna Loken Tasha - Rose Rollins ------------------------------------------------ Does it really matter?Clean, C-This is either an ad about the cleaning product mascot or a promo for an upcoming movie starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.Assuming it’s the former, I will admit that I’m mostly just creeped out by the housewife leering at the life-size cartoon figure in tight white pants as he spiffs up her home.Your wife Stephanie West loves you so much, and just knows you’re ready to please her at a moment’s notice.

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