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And if you compare Dara and Rihanna they’re like the opposite!Actually if I have to choose who resembles more to Rihanna in 2ne1 I will say Minzy,even if I’m Bom biased Minzy is sexy as hell and she has beautiful lips just like Rihanna! i dont know why “other” fans think that dara stans are still bitter to sulli or krystal/not her being in etude anymore.

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Eun Ha-Won (Park So-Dam) is in the third grade of high school. However, most of the reviewers seem too taken with il woo's 'attractiveness' to see what I saw, which immediately started off absolutely Terribly with quite creepy scenario involving il woo's character being Idiotically inspired by the narcissistic and self destructive plot of pettily seducing an innocent girl who he perceived was the only thing his brother was secretely sincere about all to pathetically attempt to assuage the unrequited rage of a girl who, given the evidence up until then, had shown nothing but absent minded regard for him as well as a pessimism and low confidence that was hard to admire.

She hopes to become a teacher which her late mother always wished for (her mother died in a car accident). Though these traits were shared with il woo's character.

“YG generally doesn’t respond to (dating rumors),” a YG representative told a source.

GD shared his feelings about the hacked account with a gloomy photo, which read, “I can’t handle people anymore.”This goes hand in hand with T. P’s recent statement about a sasaeng fan, who had snuck into his apartment and knocked on his door throughout the night.

like seriously she had clio now, where she can show her mature side.

During her guest appearance on JTBC's "Talking Street," Park confirmed that nothing is going on between her and G-Dragon.

Ha-Won works various part-time jobs to pay for her upcoming university tuition fees. At first I thought they don't fit together because Kang Hyung Min brought funny but sweet things during the first episodes but as the drama goes by, the tandem of Ji woon and Ha won makes the best love team for me. It's not "dramatic" or "interesting" and certainly not a point from which things can grow genuinely and magically.

She knows she needs to make more money to pay for the storage of her mother's ashes at the cemetery. I love every episode and if ever I'll give it a rating, it's 100/100. At first i was really curious about the drama especially after seeing the names of the actors.. He has to prove that his character is heroic in some ways, likeable before this can be considered complex and fascinating. This is the 2nd Kdrama that I'm following that is still actually showing and I'm kinda glad I came across it right after the 5th episode b/c I don't know how I could handle having to wait through a week of finding out what happens next.

this is not fan-fiction, even google this, it is true, some are from news in the Philippines and her interviews on magazines, and some are just facts that others dont much know how kind this woman is.

I will really like to know how appler’s were feeling when GD put that photo of Rihanna in her Instagram, I mean he literally said that Rihanna was her ideal type!!

Fans are more shocked about their star's lack of privacy than the dating news.

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