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They may offer the promise of first dates with no awkward silences, and possibly even successful relationships.

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K.-based company that recently launched a VR social network.

“Virtual reality is probably the safest way to have a real time interaction with a complete stranger other than a telephone conversation.”Finding a date is one thing, finding a love match something else entirely. Online quizzes, like those used by OKCupid and e Harmony, can help predict compatibility.

Jonathan Beber, e Harmony’s senior research analyst, thinks we may even see the development of smart contact lenses and body implants that record subtle changes in body chemistry in the presence of certain individuals — as a way to indicate the specific kinds of people we find attractive.“By 2040, we will have technologies which are capable of measuring your hormones and feeding this information, along with data on your behavior, to smartphones and other devices to match you with people,” Beber says, adding that it might take another 10 or 20 years before this approach gains wide acceptance.

Will people really feel comfortable sharing such intimate secrets with total strangers?

Eventually, the sites and apps may factor in heart rate, respiration rate, and other biometric data recorded by wearable devices.

With the help of artificial intelligence and databases of successful relationships, the data could show, for example, whether you’re likely to end up constantly fighting because your partner needs “me time” or whether you share the same appetite for emotional intimacy.You want high quality images and movies showing women enjoying sexual climax, right?Orgasmaniacs gives you premiere quality photographs and movie footage of beautiful women having real orgasms.With online data transfer becoming ever faster and less expensive, the virtual dating experience promises to be as accessible as it is compelling. Novelty is one factor; another may be our own increasing reliance on technology across all aspects of our lives.As a result, experts say that 70 percent of all couples in the developed world will initially meet online by 2040. But the desire to avoid needless risk may be paramount — especially for women.“It’s a big step going from sending messages on an app to actually meeting in person,” says Clemens Wangerin, managing director of v Time, a U.But these don’t always yield reliable results, in part because people don’t always fill them out accurately.

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