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The memorial was not a purely somber affair, however.

The yeshiva seized the occasion as an opportunity to celebrate the phenomenal success of the institution Kotler had founded 70 years before.

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An even more radical idea of his was that even after marriage, young men should receive community support to continue their life of study.

Continue reading: Explosive growth Kotler’s vision captured the imagination of a segment of the younger generation of American Orthodox Jews who thirsted for the intellectual and spiritual excitement and the purity of purpose that his yeshiva promised.

From 14 students, most of whom were refugees themselves, the yeshiva grew to 200 students by the time Kotler died in 1962.

Upon his death, the leadership of the yeshiva passed to his son Shneur, who continued to expand the yeshiva.

Kotler insisted that it was possible to establish in the —a social environment inhospitable to the values of Torah study and Orthodox Judaism—a community of scholars whose purpose in life would be the study of Torah “for its own sake,” without concern for livelihood, and at the level of the great yeshivas of Eastern Europe destroyed in the Holocaust.

But for the arrival of Kotler, the narrative goes, serious Torah study could never have developed in America.

With 6,600 students today, it is by far the largest yeshiva in America; its only global rival is the Mirrer Yeshiva in Jerusalem, which has over 7,000 students.

According to Rabbi Moshe Gleiberman, the school’s vice president of administration, the yeshiva has been growing at a 7 percent annual rate in recent years, and that rate is expected to rise.

But it is these , or householders, and others like them who provide the substantial financial support necessary to keep the Lakewood yeshiva, as well as the many other community institutions, going and growing.

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