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However, when a routine blood test revealed that he relapsed in October 2012, their only option was a bone marrow transplant to save his life.

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Free web chats both ways free

To keep it turned off always (after turning it off as mentioned above), navigate to Settings Photos & Camera.

Tap Preserve settings and turn on Live Photo option to save the current status of the live photo.

So, after recovering close to 8 GB of space on my phone, I decided to write a detailed guide. So, if you still have apps that you no longer use, there is no point in keeping them as you can always install them again if you need.

At times, while capturing a moment, we capture a couple of more photos than we wanted to by tapping the camera button a few more times. Open Photos app, select photos that you want to delete, and then tap the delete option. It’s always a good idea to backup all i Phone photos to your computer time to time.

If you own a PC running Windows 10, please refer to our how to transfer i Phone photos to Windows 10 PC to learn all the ways out there to transfer photos and videos from i Phone to Windows 10 PC.

In addition to a computer, you also backup photos cloud storage services such as One Drive, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

The following years involved countless hospital visits, chemotherapy, bone marrow aspirates, lumbar punctures, steroids, and blood product transfusions.

Ethan’s sister, Sienna, was three years old when this journey began.

In May 2011, when Kimberly Schuetz was starting to plan her son Austin’s third birthday, he was diagnosed with a high-risk form of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Austin was immediately placed on a chemotherapy regimen.

Then in February 2017 I felt something in my neck and knew it wasn't right.

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