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According to Cornell University's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, the Agave Americana has 'several toxic compounds'.'It contains the incredibly irritating calcium oxylate raphides (microscopic daggers of crystaline oxylate) as well as some other really irritating oils in the sap,' they explain.FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Q: I cannot see any owls. A: Burrowing Owls are diurnal and nocturnal, meaning they are active during the day and night.

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A vlogger from China is said to have accidentally poisoned herself after consuming a plant she had mistaken for aloe vera live on camera.

The 26-year-old, who goes by her surname Zhang, was live streaming her 'Aloe Vera Feast' to discuss the benefits of raw aloe vera.

Q: Why is there a fence around the owls and why are they so close to the road? A: Typically burrowing Owls breed in the winter from January to March but these owls have been known to breed throughout the year and raise multiple broods.

A: The fence protects the owls from disturbance and their burrow is in an irrigation swale on the school property. ABOUT BURROWING OWLS The burrowing owl is a pint-sized bird that lives in open, treeless areas.

Views are able to interact with the hosts by instant messaging.

They are also able to send them digital gifts, which can be converted into cash by the hosts.

However, the woman didn't realise she was actually consuming Agave Americana, a poisonous plant from Mexico, according to local reports.

A video of the live show has been recorded and circulated on the internet by various Chinese websites, including

The presence of burrowing owls is primarily dependent upon habitat.

Humans have created new habitat for burrowing owls by clearing forests and draining wetlands.

Mostly the male stands guard at the entrance and the female spends more time below.

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