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It's too late for me, but maybe, just maybe, this new curriculum will deliver an added bonus of making foreign language grammar a little less daunting.

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They should be able to recognise adjectives, adverbs and noun phrases.

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What makes this app also useful for dating is they offer a comprehensive personality search engine.

You can find personality twins or specify you’re own criteria such as selecting from different personality traits (Openness, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism) or various adjectives like calm, sensitive or reliable (many more).

If we couldn't do this in English, what hope did we have in French? If you know that 'whom' is an object pronoun – and you know what the 'object' of a sentence is – the whole aggravating issue becomes much easier to cope with.

Obviously, much of what we know in English becomes second nature as we learn the language, meaning there is, arguably, little need to know the grammatical terminology.

It's quite probable that, for many students, the first time they hear about the present or past perfect (pluperfect), is in a foreign language class.

Suddenly, new grammatical terminology appears, seemingly out of the blue, to dazzle and perplex. The revised National Curriculum, due to be introduced into classrooms in September 2014, goes some way towards addressing this problem.However, I can't help thinking that foreign language learning would have been easier if our teacher hadn't had to teach the basics in English first.Teachers 'do not know enough grammar to teach new curriculum' As primary schoolteacher, Sara Wernham, writes: "If you are going to have any hope of writing a sentence in German using an interrogative adverb, or even one using an interrogative adjective, then it helps if you know what an adverb or an adjective is in the first place." In the revised curriculum, Year 2 pupils will be introduced to the correct use of the present and past tenses and the use of the progressive form of verbs in the present and past.they quickly demonstrate a Facebook application’s potential. easily sets itself apart from the majority of Facebook apps that look like (and probably were) developed by high school kids.They throw a few fun little brain tests at you, such as math or memory… Rating: My Personality by David Stillwell administers a brief psychological exam that is based off of a real psychological personality questionnaire used in actual scientific research.Not only that, you can delete your personality profile, a feature most apps overlook.

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