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Read more Australians are no doubt familiar that summer cricket matches are the chief domain of Channel Nine, who manage to show plenty of the game in between KFC ads.If you want to catch the game on free to air TV, then you will need to tune into Channel 9 from pm AEDT today.This should grant you access to a live streaming service originating in England - but I understand that it'd be grating for Aussie fans to listen to the Poms applaud their squad all afternoon.

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The second test was at Adelaide Oval in South Australia.

The third test took place at the WACA in Western Australia.

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The Ashes are a five match Test cricket series played in both England and Australia, with the home team alternating between the two nations every couple of years.

You win the Ashes trophy - a tiny 15cm tall urn - by winning the five game series.

The winner then holds the Ashes and can retain them simply by drawing the five game series the next time it is played.

Outside of watching the Ashes, a great VPN is a must-have these days anyway.

You could also sign up for a subscription to au but this will set you back .99 a year – a pretty reasonable price if you've exhausted all your options - and it's great if you’re passionate about your fours and sixes because it gives you access to every Big Bash League T20 match over the summer.

The fourth test - The Boxing Day Test - is an Australian institution, the perfect way to unwind the day after Christmas, wake yourself out of the food coma you've found yourself in and watch us smash the poms.

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