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“Not at all,” he said when asked about the rumors on that topic.

“The folks there (involved in the political process at Parkville City Hall) are good people.” He described city leaders as “dedicated and talented.” “I learned a lot about processes and politics.

“LC’s is just going to have to make sure they can keep up with the demand that will be coming.

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“My business needs me right now probably more than ever,” he remarked.

“I feel it’s time to refocus on my business and my extended family,” Heaton added.

“Stone Canyon brought me to historic downtown Parkville more than two decades ago.

This business has enabled me to give back to the community through leadership, employment, community development, partnership, and the provision of a solid downtown anchor in an ever-fluctuating economy.

Kevin Heaton, elected last April, is resigning effective Jan. He says with the elected position he was finding “less and less time to dedicate to my livelihood and career, my business of 22 years, Stone Canyon Pizza, Co.” There is some buzz on the streets of Parkville indicating Heaton is stepping down because aldermen are being muzzled by the mayor and discouraged from speaking out at various meetings on various topics.

But Heaton, in a phone interview with me on Tuesday, denies that’s the case.

Pearl, bless her heart, had a habit of experiencing sudden magical moments like that in her six years as mayor.

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