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It’s all about just starting a conversation and building from there.Regardless of whether you go indirect or direct, you don’t want to linger on the opening; all you’re trying to do is get them interested in talking to you.You are essentially approaching a total stranger and trying to convince them that they would be interested in pursuing a relationship with you in a matter of connection to, which can accelerate building rapport and lessen the chances of getting rejected or shot down right from the get-go.

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ways of doing this – online dating, joining an amateur sports team, taking continuing education classes or finding like-minded groups on – there’s a truth that they all have in common: you’re going to have to learn the art of the cold approach. You’re going to feel like you’re putting your entire self-worth into somebody else’s hands.

Cold approaches are when you’re meeting someone you have no social connection with; unlike with a warm approach, you’re meeting a complete and total stranger without even the “friend-of-a-friend” buffer to ease your way. So here are some tough truths about making cold approaches: they can be difficult, especially if you’re trying to hook up that night.

Being able to go up and strike up a conversation with them means fewer missed opportunities to meet somebody awesome.

In addition, cold approaches are about more than just getting dates or trying to get laid.

The most famous is the “jealous girlfriend” opener: “Hey guys, my friends and I were arguing about something and we need an outside opinion: would you date somebody who’s still friends with their ex?

[Pause for reply] Check this out, so my buddy is still pretty tight with his ex-girlfriend. And he’s got this box of little mementos and photos and crap – you know, like souvenirs from the past relationship.

Meanwhile, one of the guys is all “come at me, bro”, doing the whole chest-thumping pre-fight warm-up and – check this out – the other dude rolls up and just COLD-COCKS him.

Drops him with one punch with people yelling “YOU GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT” and shit. Because I’m totally going to have to leave if it does, I’m not going back to jail The potential problem with indirect openers is that… You can easily spend a lot of time talking to someone who is otherwise unavailable but doesn’t bring it up because she thought you were just being friendly rather than actually trying to flirt with her.

Indirect openers tend to be either the classic “opinion” opener – where you are soliciting a third-party’s opinion about a matter – or a situational or observational opener.

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