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For this first entry in my new series of “mythcomics,” I select an example of what I term “clansgression.” Readers of this blog may recall that this formulation takes in not only the phenomenon of literal incest, but all the sociocultural associations that have arrayed themselves around the phenomenon.

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The unit proved to be an unexpected blessing when it arrived in a remote section of Juno and was soon buried in the worlds dense jungle.

An incredible 10,000 years passed before an archeologist named Vorne found the vessel and triggered its escape hatch.

As Luma tearfully returns to her own world, Superman seems only mildly disappointed at his loss of possible connubial bliss.

For Supergirl’s part, she’s also tearful for having meddled in her cousin’s love-life.

Thus the story might be better titled “Supergirl’s Super-Courtship,” since her decision to play matchmaker for her cousin is one that reinforces her own ego, more than doing anything for Superman.

Supergirl, in her secret ID as Linda Lee, sees a sad romantic film that makes her decide that since the Man of Steel can’t make up his mind about either Lois Lane or Lana Lang, he must need a new inamorata, one chosen by the Girl of Steel.

”—indicating at the very least that he isn’t blind to his cousin’s attractiveness, teenager or not.

Sure enough, in the space of one panel Superman meets and woos Luma Lynai (who wears a costume not unlike Supergirl’s, though Luma chooses hot pants rather than a skirt).

Throughout most of the story the reader isn’t privy to Superman’s thoughts; he’s only defended his intention not to marry as one of being dedicated to his superhero career.

At this point he soothes his cousin’s bruised ego by telling her that he would only marry “someone super and lovable like… ” The “super” part of the equation refers back to a frequent trope in other stories: that Superman will not marry an un-super woman since she might be killed by his enemies.

Superman again complies with his cousin’s request; he seeks out Staryl and makes the acquaintance of superwoman Luma Lynai.

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