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Entries at Devon must be driven to a road coach or park drag: A road coach is a twelve-seat closed vehicle for public transport on a scheduled route.

Generally they were heavier than private coaches and would be drawn with horses chosen for their suitability for the work rather than for color or style.

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The Hunter is a type of horse used in the sport of Fox Hunting. The horse should possess manners, jumping ability, style, pace, and quality.

The judges are looking for the horse that would be the most agreeable mount to “ride to hounds.” Hunters may be judged both “over fences” and “under saddle.” Photo: James Leslie Parker The watchwords with Hunters are “long and low.” They should have a long sweeping stride; 12′ is expected at the canter.

The harness pony has a long mane and tail is smaller than the cobtail.

The cobtail pony is shown with the appearance of a braided mane and short tail.

Photo: James Leslie Parker The Saddlebred is exhibited in several different divisions including five-gaited, three-gaited, fine harness, pleasure, park, and western.

Three-gaited Saddlebreds perform the walk, trot, and canter.

The color is always black, and only a white star in the forehead is permissible.

Friesians are shown at a flat walk, animated trot, strong trot and canter.

Photo: James Leslie Parker Equitation classes are judged on the rider rather than the horse.

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