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They may not be 100% accurate at deciphering the subtle nuances or they may miss important points and cultural references, but I disagree that Christianity goes beyond the bible; Not only does it include very old texts such as the Torah, but it's a collection of the most accurate and verifiable texts afterwards, esp. The dogma is inaccurate if the authority is anything but from God.

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Sexual pleasure is part of kama, one of the four goals of life. Note 1 :- A treatise is a formal and systematic written discourse on some subject, generally longer and treating it in greater depth than an essay, and more concerned with investigating or exposing the principles of the subject.*. There are so many text which are presented as hindu text but that doesn't make them religious just because they are hindu. _ Whatever comes in path of breaking the cycle of Birth-Death is a NEVER motivated in Hinduism...

*Note 2:- Vātsyāyana the writer of Kama Sutra was hindu/Indian making it Hindu treatise which doesn't means to be a religious text. * Note 3:- This post doesn't trying to attack on anyone’s religious values at all but its more of fact based post. And there is NOTHING like "Sin" in Hinduism, rather just action and reaction...

In general,doing pranayamas like the way mentioned above is an extremely powerful way of removing sins (even great sins) and comes handy when particular expiation rites are too difficult to perform. BTW, you say Parashara Smriti is particularly Smriti for Kali Yuga.

Are there any scriptures which say Parashara Smriti is for Kali Yuga other than Parashara Smriti?

Physical unrighteousness manifests itself asa cruelty (himsa), theft (steya), and sexual perversion (pratisiddha maithuna); verbal unrighteousness, as falsehood (mithya), rudeness (katukti), insinuation (suchana), and gossip (asambaddha); mental unrighteousness, as ill-will (paradroha), covetousness (paradravyabhipsa), and irreverance (nastikya)." Patanjali...describes the virtues that must be cultivated...chastity or continence...

The practice of continence, highly extolled by all the philosophers and mystics of India, implies, besides the literal meaning of the vow, abstention from lewdness in thought, speech, and action through any of the sense-organs.

The goal of Hindu ethics is to train these faculties in such a way that they shall lead the individual to the realization of Moksha, or Liberation.

Therefore all the schools of philosophy have described the virtues and their opposites in detail.

The Hindu concept of Masturbation is neither dogmatic nor based on superstition.

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