The oracle of dating by allison van diepen

Which, is why I love Under the Covers so much, I get all my bookish needs satisfied and don’t get judged when I talk about my favourite characters like they are real people.

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She lives with her husband and son in Ottawa, Canada.

Allison van Diepen Grace has done her best to move on since her ex-boyfriend, Mateo, chose gang life over her.

So I knew I had to read the book where a beloved and smokin’ hot character came to our intrepid heroine’s rescue.

Although I have given this book a 2.5 rating, so it seems quite low, this wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy the book and it wasn’t because I found any of the characters annoying, the book was fun to read and I did find myself liking the Amy and Alexander.

Sure enough, the next day, Maria can’t remember a thing. Then Gabby’s friend Bree never makes it home from a party, and Gabby fears the worst.

Gabby reaches out to the guy who saved her, the gorgeous stranger she knows only as X.As they dive into the seedy underworld of Miami, searching for Bree, they can’t ignore their undeniable attraction.Until Gabby discovers the truth about who X really is and the danger that surrounds him. Seventeen year-old Gabby is a student, recently broken up from her ex and finding her way with new friends and her nightly radio show. At the beginning of the book Gabby is at a club with her best friend Maria when she is alerted by a stranger that their drinks had been spiked.I enjoyed the gang aspect and what they were trying to do, it is a little far-fetched but it was entertaining none the less.Despite the romance feeling a little rushed, I didn’t mind the interactions between Gabby and X but their lives couldn’t have been more different with X being a gang leader with a rough past and Gabby still a student and quite innocent.But, I felt that much more could have been made from the book, for example although I liked Alexander I didn’t know much about him, I don’t feel his character was particularly fleshed out.

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