When consolidating financial statements how do you use a worksheet

This report can contain sales totals and averages, current inventory levels, and highest selling products for the whole enterprise.

One business may acquire another to eliminate a competitor, to gain access to critical technology, to insure a supply chain, to expand distribution networks, to reach a new customer base, and so forth.

These transactions can be simple or complex, but generally involve the acquirer buying a majority of the stock of the target company.

This majority position enables the acquirer to exercise control over the other company.

Control is ordinarily established once ownership jumps over 50%, but management contracts and other similar arrangements may allow control to occur at other levels.

Each range of data should be arranged in cross-tab format, with matching row and column names for items that you want to summarize together.

Do not include any total rows or total columns from the source data when you specify the data for the report.

The resulting consolidated Pivot Table report can have the following fields in the Pivot Table Field List, which you can add to the Pivot Table: Row, Column, and Value.

In addition, the report can have up to four page filter fields, called Page1, Page2, Page3, and Page4.

For example, if you're consolidating budget data from the Marketing, Sales, and Manufacturing departments, a page field can include one item to show the data for each department, plus an item to show the combined data.

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