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In "Blendin's Game," along with Dipper, Candy and Mabel, she helps set up Soos' surprise birthday party, and goes with the gang to Big Gunz Laser Tag.In "Northwest Mansion Mystery," Grenda attends the Northwest Fest with Candy and Mabel.In the end, everyone ends up back in their own bodies.

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In the short "Mabel's Guide to Color," Mabel asks her what her favorite color is, and she replies "Biege!

" Later, when Mabel calls for ideas on how to get Stan to see a rainbow, Grenda says that she sometimes sees rainbows when she drinks expired milk, and proceeds to do so while Candy draws up a plan to reflect a rainbow from a waterfall.

Grenda is the first to talk to her, and introduces her to Candy as well.

She and Candy cheer for Mabel while she tries to win the party crown in a competition against Pacifica Northwest.

Once they are restored to normal, they make up, after which Marius approaches Grenda and says he can't stop thinking about her and gives her his phone number.

In "Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons," she plans to watch the Duck-tective season finale with Mabel and Stan, only to find that Dipper and Ford have taken over the living room with their game. After Probabilitor the Annoying kidnaps Dipper and Ford in order to eat their brains, Grenda joins Mabel and Stan on the rescue mission, bringing along a chair as a weapon.

Afterwards, she, Stan, and Mabel watch the Duck-tective finale.

Grenda is angered by the reveal that Duck-tective was shot by his twin brother, calling it a rip-off.

Later on, she uses the chair on an ogre, seemingly killing him.

When Probabilitor is defeated, Grenda hugs the Hot Elf as he and his master fade back into their dimension.

The three friends are excited about the prospect of meeting cute rich boys at the party, and when they arrive, they find out about Marius von Fundshauser, a 13 year old baron from Austria.

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