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My best regards, Hi Soju thanks for your advice, but as I said in the opening post of this thread, I don't really have much time to go out for clubs and bars, but I'll try to, for sure that is always the best solution to meet people...But then I am also wondering, you said that Myanmar ladies are not used to online dating and blind dates, but are they really used to go clubbing and drink in bars?

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Looks like the dating service has been discontinued.

Hello there, Sorry for my late answer, I just wanted to thank you for your advices.

For me it is the same, the vast majority of Burmese women, even young ones in their twenties, don't go to clubs, isn't it?

Casanova Is it really possible to meet normal Burmese girls in Bars and nightclubs? Yeah I kind of agree with you guys, you don't find what you could call normal ladies in most of the night clubs.

I read in some posts that it is quite an expensive place for a night out...

I didn't know about the Escape Bar, is it the one at this address, I found it while googling the name of the place : ?

Most comers are young, rich and high standard people ( except a few in GTR ).

I would say it can only be awkward rather than offense because foreigners are almost non-existent in Myanmar society last 3 years ago.

Thanks for your advices @TS33, I don't know much about the mystery method or any other of this kind, but I rather use the Casanova method and it worked fairly well for me so far.

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