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Internet addicts sometimes defensive of going online, and ends up hiding their time spent online.

11, 2016 he executed an alleged pedophile sting in Saskatoon as a way to help better the community and protect children, but Saskatoon police say these types of investigations should be left to police.

A car crash ended in criminal charges against a Saskatchewan Creep Catcher when he went after an innocent victim in what may be a case of mistaken identity, police say.

These predators are prepared to travel to meet their victims, so the problem is not always a localized one. Parents must be extra vigilant on this internet front line, experts say.

What to look for One major problem is that most of the time parents don't know when their kids are in trouble. Although tips to officials have saved some children, police sometimes are only called in when it's too late, for example, when a child has run off to meet an adult they may have been chatting with online for months.

ACSLPA is responsible for protecting and serving the public by regulating the practice of speech-language pathologists and audiologists in Alberta.

Speech-Language Pathologists are health care professionals with clinical training and educational background in speech production, language understanding and expression, stuttering, voice health and swallowing disorders.

Audiologists are health care professionals with clinical training and educational background in balance and hearing systems and their disorders.

They assess hearing and balance, and provide treatment and consultation to individuals of all ages.

Officially, Internet addiction is not a disorder, but symptoms of addiction are exhibited in some individuals.

Similar to other kinds of addiction, Internet addiction interferes with one’s lifestyle.

For generations, parents have taught the "don't talk to strangers" rule to their children, but that rule has a whole new meaning now that kids can chat with strangers all over the world via the internet.

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