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In more recent years, WWE has been moved to address the dangers of its sport—the concussions, the seizures, the spasms.But sooner or later, every wrestler gets hurt, and it's not part of the act.Sixteen-time world champion, leader of the Four Horsemen, with more than forty years' experience in rings all around the world, from New York to North Korea (not a joke, he's worked North Korea).

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So what finally got the Nature Boy to hang up his robe for good?

Well, that would be Jerry Lawler's heart attack, which happened live on RAW in September of 2012.

Coincidentally, Flair would tear his left tricep working a TNA taping against Sting two nights later, which would wind up being his final match.

Three months later, he gave an exclusive interview to Wrestle saying that he was done competing in the ring, and that the Lawler incident had "kind of put a decision on my future in the ring." Considering that Ric Flair could work himself into a hellacious frenzy just cutting promos, it makes perfect sense.

In recent years, questions have been raised by the media and medical community about the impact of professional contact sports on an athlete's brain.

In an interview with ESPN, Bryan discusses the damage his brain has incurred over his career: "We've been able to document ten concussions." That's a lot, but it may only be a fraction of the true number, since most concussions go undocumented.

"I was taking the Batista Bomb every night during our angle [storyline]. They would come back but it would take like 20 seconds. " became a national refrain for wrestling fans during his time in the ring.

That should have set off alarms," Edge continued during the podcast. But the clock began ticking for Austin's career on August 3, 1997, when he faced Owen Hart for the Intercontinental Championship.

Almost a year later, on his friend Colt Cabana's podcast, Punk finally explained his departure, dropping a salvo of bombs that would impress a B-2 crew.

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