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And yet, the tepid response on the ground to the Amit Shah-led yatra suggests that Kerala’s backwaters aren’t ready for the lotus to bloom just yet.

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This is a state where the BJP has never won a Lok Sabha seat and where it won an assembly seat for the first time in 2016.

Its vote share though has steadily increased from 6% in 2011 to almost 15% in 2016.

Post-script: On the very day that the BJP’s Kerala campaign was the top headline across ‘national’ news channels, the local media was obsessing with top Malayalam film star Dileep who was released on bail after spending months in jail on serious abduction and molestation charges.

Like many of us in the media, Delhi-based politicians too need to come to terms with the ‘tyranny of distance’: Thiruvananthapuram Dur Ast!

This wasn’t the discordant politics of saffron-robed Swamis and Mahants seeking to target minorities but the reformist zeal of iconic figures like a Narayana Guru who challenged religious orthodoxies and pushed for spiritual freedom and social equality.

Contrast the secular, inclusive spirit of a Narayana Guru with the anti-minority rhetoric of a Yogi Adityanath, the newest posterboy of Hindutva politics.

The SPG had been without a full-time chief for nearly 15 months, after the PMO eased out its director Durga Prasad in November 2014 while he was preparing for Modi’s Nepal visit.

Last month, Prasad was finally appointed to head the Central Reserve Police Force.

Forget economic slowdown, jobs, GST, Rohingyas or Kashmir: for a few hours at least, the BJP’s high-decibel Jan Raksha Yatra across Kerala took precedence, as the lines between party and government were blurred.

The Kerala-centric blitzkrieg reveals the BJP’s appetite for political expansion.

Sinha will be the third police officer after Prasad’s transfer to lead the team of about 3,000 crack commandoes handpicked from police forces across the country and put through a gruelling training programme.

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