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As such, these are primarily for my own use, and may occasionally fall out of date as the project I created them for goes in and out of maintenance cycles.

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This gem for Ruby on Rails adds the content of the j Query Full Calendar plugin from Adam Shaw (found here within your Ro R application such that you do not have to download and install all the Full Calendar assets yourself. After following the above instalations steps, you may choose to use the A quite aged step by step tutorial for creating events for Full Calendar in rails may be followed here: https://web.archive.org/web/20160531044930/ instructions in the documentation doesn't work as expected at one point: And general documentation for Full Calendar may be found here: Using turbolinks requires special care for loading and unloading Full Calendar.

In order to install the fullcalendar-rails gem and get Full Calendar working within your application, do the following steps: where X. Z is the specific version of Full Calendar you wish to install (Note: the last number "0" in the line above indicates the version of the fullcalendar-rails gem and may be something other than "0", but will still provide the Full Calendar version specified by X. You have to load your calendars in a good manner, with Turbolinks 5 you need to remove Fullcalendar from a before_cache tag.

Instead of using the controller as context for rendering, a Sync:: Renderer instance is used.

Since the Renderer is not part of the request/response/session, it has no knowledge of the current session (ie.

This gem let you easily integrate the Algolia Search API to your favorite ORM.

This started as a thought experiment that is growing into a viable option for realtime Rails apps without ditching the standard rails stack that we love and are so productive with for a heavy client side MVC framework. Sync lets you render partials for models that, with minimal code, update in realtime in the browser when changes occur on the server.

First, define your desired sync scopes on the model with Now, whenever a todo is created/updated/destroyed sync will push the appropriate changes to all affected clients.

This also works for attribute changes that concern the belonging to a specific scope itself. if the during an update action sync will automatically push the todo partial to all clients displaying the list of completed todos and remove it from all clients subscribed to the list of active todos.

For example: This was quite tricky to accomplish in previous versions of sync.

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