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The future is here - I've uploaded the image (jpegs) of barcodes (use any barcode maker) of my loyalty cards on the watch and every time I go shopping or to Starbucks I just scan my watch to earn my points or pay for coffee (the bar code of your Starbucks card with money).

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My next watch will definitely be an LTE version -The watch looks great.

I get a lot of compliments on the appearance of the watch, even when the face is off.

I am so used to my current belt and in a moment I was able to change those belt on Gear S3 and voila, it was quite comfortable for me to wear.

I am also amazed by the reactions I get from people when they find out that it is a smartwatch due to it looks.

For running goals can be set by distance, time, calories or basic. The GPS to track outdoor activities is great for seeing past routes.

There is a wide selection of watch faces to choose from and the watch bands are standard 22mm that are easy to change out.

-The apps currently available are good, but more apps will improve the functionality of the watch. It is comfortable on my wrist, look clean and professional.

I had the original gear watch and found it looked too much like a smartwatch. I mostly use it for notifications, allowing me to keep my phone in my pocket.

There are a few more options for text input that i haven't tried.

S Health is a good feature that is easy to operate.

I would like to take some time to write my honest impressions on Samsung Gear S3 Classic. And please note that I used watch instead of Smartwatch, and I have done it in a good way.

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