Dating my remington 700 Xxx free chat durban

Fit and finish are excellent and accuracy with 50gr Hornady V-Max is pretty much one hole at 100yrds. rifles but it looks like the older ones were alot better quality. I've owned 2 regular 700s and parted with them with no regret.

The design is clunky, there are too many safety recalls and reports of chronic quality problems like bolt handles coming off etc.

Even the plastic stocked guns shoot at least as well as the wood stocked guns. And some people just watch too much liberal propaganda on MSNBC.

dating my remington 700-80

The checkering design was changed around 1973 I think, the older stocks were impressed, and the newer ones cut. You have to watch out with models this old however, (really with any used rifle) because the round count could be way up there, causing throat erosion in the chamber especially with overbore cartridges.

But the majority of these rifles left in the factory configuration are hunting rifles that have only been shot a few rounds a year, and are most likely fine.

The old style trigger feels great, but is a flawed design.

The trigger design is solid on all newer guns, but all indications are that it is just not very good.

Also, I am not a fan of the X-Mark Pro trigger, which came out in 2006.

They also went to a matte finish on their cheaper rifles in recent years, as opposed to the glossy blued finish that used to be standard fare. So there are a few reasons one might want to look pre-2006.I'd put an aftermarket trigger on any of them and would really prefer the older style safety. Never broke an extractor and never had one to fire when it wasn't supposed to.If the bolt handle hasn't fallen off a pre -82 gun by now it probably won't. Almost all the people who have had that problem had very dirty guns and/or triggers adjusted way off from how they came from the factory, like under 2.5#.The 700 is a great rifle, find one you like and go for it.I have sadly committed the blasphemy of turning this 1971 model BDL in .243... Depending on your perspective they are all as good, or as bad, as ever.Take your rifles out of the stock and give them a good thorough cleaning every once in a while, whether they have been out in the weather or not.

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