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You should also check that your hard disk is not failing, I recommend you run an error scan on each drive with HDTune.If you are unsure what the error scan results mean, post screen-shots of them here.

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Service Transfer Request 0xb7 0xffffc583707ff3d8 : 0xfffff803d2408d57 : nt!

Ki Page Fault 0x217 0xffffc583707ff3e0 : 0x0000000000000000 : Trap @ ffffc583707ff3e0 0xffffc583707ff3e8 : 0xfffff803d23b46be : nt!

g Acpi Triage Info 0xffffc583707ff1f8 : 0xfffff803d240aace : nt!

Ki Exception Dispatch 0xce 0xffffc583707ff210 : 0xffffc583707ff348 : 0xfffff806b9933fb7 : CLASSPNP!

Acpi Filter Irp Dispatch 0x8 0xffffc583707ff168 : 0xfffff806b6c140dc : ACPI!

ACPIDispatch Irp 0xcc 0xffffc583707ff170 : 0xffffde03667144a0 : 0xfffff806b6c86360 : ACPI!Start memory scan : 0xffffc583707feb48 ($csp) End memory scan : 0xffffc58370800000 (Kernel Stack Base) 0xffffc583707feb60 : 0xfffff806b9933fb7 : CLASSPNP!Service Transfer Request 0xb7 Unable to load image \System Root\System32\drivers\ *** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ia Stor 0xffffc583707febd8 : 0xfffff806b9934193 : CLASSPNP!Each time it happened, the BSOD is there for a few seconds, then the PC reboots. Looking at the crash dumps, I saw two 3rd party drivers that may be causing the crashes: (Intel Rapid Store Driver), and (Kaspersky Labs volume filter driver).I would suggest temporarily removing Kaspersky anti-virus from your computer, to ensure that their filter driver is not the culprit.Ra Unit Scsi Irp 0x19c 0xffffc583707ff008 : 0xfffff803d22cd70c : nt!

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