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The highly publicized Charles Manson was practically the Cheney of hippies, a violent misogynist dressed in Wizard's clothing.

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Whatever we didn't eat went to feeding chickens, pigs and goats.

The community tried to grow the majority of its own animal products, and we agreed to never buy factory farmed products because it is ridiculously unethical.

If you cannot deal with former partners living and dating in your house, you are not going to last long.

Even when I was dating my ex `Styrofoam' (we encourage people to choose whichever name they like), we'd make out with people in front of each other. Each girl he was involved with was someone with whom I worked, lived and hung out. When I mention my previous lifestyle, people frequently ask me "Is it a cult?

He was the closest I've ever come to listening to someone with a messiah complex. I desperately needed to find like-minded people and to experience the togetherness I felt at Occupy again.

There I found people who also wanted to improve the world around them, to live by example, to share, to communicate compassionately and to live without hierarchy.It is incredible to me how seldom people in America consider sharing as a realistic option.Materialism is rampant, and, unfortunately, wastefulness is the result.I used to live in a rickety barn with paper thin walls that shook at the slightest movement.It swayed from the wind when people walked, and also when people did... One night I noticed that the shaking of the barn was not simply from my walking in. After a moment I made the connection between the muffled moans coming from my ex-boyfriend's room and the barn's movement.For two years, I lived on a rural egalitarian commune, known these days as an "intentional community." Communes are defined as "a group of people living together and sharing possessions and responsibilities." Where I lived, it meant running a worker-owned business and a farm with around forty other people. The outside world, or "Babylon," as it's begrudgingly referred to by many communards, never fails to confuse and frighten me.

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