Ten simple rules for dating

The best way to enjoy the party is by freshening up as you reach there.

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Always go hand in hand without leaving your partner behind. Punctuality Arriving at the correct time applies here as well. By the time you’re in, the night would be in full swing.

Swinging is safer and easier if both partners are comfortable indulging in it. You’d only end up making people who are already in the act feel awkward. Inform the host beforehand if you are going to be late. Courtesy The lifestyle of the swingers isn’t a piece of cake.

It opens a window to explore your favorite fantasies in safe mode.

You and your partner can work out in private, and yet you can enjoy another couple or get a group swing in just one evening.

Don’t let anyone pressurize you to do something you don’t like. Approach every activity with an open mind and positive attitude. The Right to say ‘NO’ This is the fundamental etiquette in swinging, the right to say ‘no’.

It is simple and straightforward, and polite to say ‘no, thank you’.

Shower and groom well before you leave for the party.

Good cologne, perfumes or body sprays will give you the edge in the environment.

Friendliness Be a friend to all, even if you don’t want to extend the night or don’t have any interest in getting physical with someone.

You may catch a vibe by being nice with the others in the community.

Explanations and alibis aren’t required as these may cause embarrassment and hurt you. It is the only way to avoid doing something you might regret afterwards.

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