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Authorities suspect Barriss called 911 and concocted a story about a hostage crisis in a Wichita, Kansas home.

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I’m the selfish mom all up in my kids grills like “Yes, you WILL play with George, because Mommy needs a FRIEND! Husband chemistry is nearly as important as kid chemistry, which is almost as important as friend chemistry.

What happens when you do find someone you think you could be compatible with?

They were found tied up with their throats slashed inside their basement apartment on Tuesday.

At a news conference on Saturday, it was revealed that the crime is believed to have been committed on December 21, meaning the bodies were in the apartment for nearly five days before being found.

Justin Mann, 24 (bottom left), and James White, 38 (top left), were arraigned in Troy City Court around 8.30am Saturday (center) after being arrested Friday night.

Both men face four counts each of second-degree and one count each of first-degree murder.King said the girl - named Emily according to News4Utah - was playing in the snow on the playground (pictured) wearing only pink 'My Little Pony' pajamas so he took her inside the Marshall White Community Center where staff called police.Emily lived across the street and told police her mother 'wasn't paying attention and was sleeping on the floor.' Authorities found her 41-year-old mother was found dead inside and they say pre-existing medical conditions may have played a role in her death.Police say Emily's mother died nearly 24 hours before she was found.Los Angeles police on Friday arrested a 25-year-old gamer, Tyler Barriss (inset), they say made a prank call that led a SWAT team to fatally shoot an innocent man over an online gaming dispute.The only difference is this time I’m not trying to get into someone’s pants, just onto the coveted mom’s night out text list.

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