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The impromptu marriage service was conducted at a register office — she was dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, while the groom wore jeans.

She insists: ‘I married him because I loved him and because I wanted some companionship.’At this stage in their ill-fated relationship, she insists that Priyanjana was ‘very affectionate’.‘He was always holding my hand and kissing me,’ she says.

But I think he thought I could just get money from somewhere.’And despite her role as a cash cow, the life she dreamed of never came to pass either.

Diane gave £60,000 to her husband to build a three-bedroom villa next to his parents’ home, but soon found that he wanted more.

The house was registered in her husband’s name because of the hugely complex laws and taxes governing the purchase of Sri Lankan property by foreigners.

But a week or so after returning to Scotland, she picked up her ringing mobile to hear a voice saying: ‘Hello Madam, remember me? ‘He said he wanted to check that I’d got home all right.

He said he would like to see me again.’Up until that point in her life, says Diane, there had been no big romance or anything but the briefest relationship.

After handing virtually all her worldly goods over to her young husband when she moved to his native country, she is now trapped in a situation that is as desperate as it is incredible.

Unable to sell her home, a three-bedroom villa built on the proceeds of her life savings and registered in her husband’s name, if she returns to the UK she risks losing everything.

Then there were gifts for her husband’s family — his mother, who is two years younger than Diane, father and three younger brothers.

She bought them a fridge freezer, a fan and a water purifier.

Now, living alone in a coastal village currently being battered by monsoon rains, she looks back remorsefully at the life she gave up in Musselburgh, outside Edinburgh, where she owned her own flat, and had a £17,000-a-year job as a customer service assistant with Edinburgh Council and a close circle of friends.

But having never married, had children or found enduring love — she lived at home with her parents until their deaths when she was in her mid-40s — Diane believed that Priyanjana represented her last chance of finding love, even if it meant giving up her life in the UK to do so.

Certainly, the Shirley Valentine nightmare that became global news this week has left many wondering how on earth the British pensioner allowed herself to get into such a desperate situation in the first place.

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