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He divorced his first wife to marry her, but Ava's insecurities and his sinking career doomed them from the start.

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The marriage finally ended after the two made a duet album, "Two the Hard Way," which flopped.

Concert audiences of Cher followers and Allman Brothers fans erupted in fights. Mick was still married to Bianca when he became smitten with tall Texan Jerry Hall.

Cher later told Vanity Fair that he was a "terrible husband" who treated her "more like a golden goose than a wife." Sonny died in 1998.

The epitaph on his gravestone: "And the Beat Goes On."Three days after Cher's divorce from Sonny was finalized, she married Southern rocker Gregg Allman in Vegas.

It was later alleged that his violent jealousy, fueled by heavy drinking, only got worse—that he once tied her to a chair and attacked her for nine hours.

Rather than press charges, Madonna filed for a divorce.

"May God bless and keep him," she said, "but far, far from me."In the early '70s, Ali Mac Graw was the top female actress in the world, married to producer Robert Evans.

When Steve Mc Queen visited the Evanses to discuss Ali co-starring with him in "The Getaway," the two stars locked eyes. But Steve, raised by a single mom who put him in reform school, distrusted women, and he expected Ali to forsake film and serve him dinner daily at 6 p.m. Three years later, Steve died of cancer—purportedly still in love with Ali. Two years later, bassist Lindsey Buckingham remembered gypsy vocalist Stevie Nicks and asked her to join his new band.

Nine years later, they met again on the set of "Cleopatra." They fell madly (and publicly) in love and were denounced by the Vatican.

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