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No more tests were scheduled.‘The complication lies in the fact that there's still some uncertainty,’ Bell said.‘It wouldn't exclude them but it also does not provide us with any level of confidence to say there's a match because there's not.’‘We're not closing the case,’ Bell said. The mystery continues and we'll look for other opportunities.

A polygraph test cleared them of the Walker murders.

But in 1987, a polygraph expert said those tests in the early 1960s were worthless.

The family was killed in December of 1959, about a month after Smith and Hickock murdered a Kansas farmer and his family.

Authorities said they were unable to match the DNA because only partial profiles could be taken from the exhumed bodies in December, and the Walker crime scene samples were old and degraded.

Cliff Walker was shot to death and his wife was beaten, raped and shot.

Three-year-old Jimmie was shot to death and his 2-year-old sister was shot and drowned in a bathtub.In a mound in Chillicothe, a metal perforated bird was found, in addition to numerous carved pipes, one even depicting a duck riding on a fish.At the same mound site in Chillicothe dozens of skeletons were found wearing copper masks, while at a related site in the same area at a depth of 14 feet “a massive skeleton was found encased in copper armor.” Even more astonishing, in an excavation for a house in West Hickory, workers exhumed “an enormous iron helmet corroded with rust.” In another dig, performed in 1889 in Southern Ohio, a giant was found buried with the bones of panther and another with 147 bone and shell beads made from Conch and Pyrula shells imported from the Atlantic Ocean was unearthed.Hopes were dashed Tuesday when a decades old Florida quadruple murder investigation ended when authorities concluded there was no link between their case and the killings dramatized in the book In Cold Blood.The convicted killers, Perry Smith and Richard Hickock, were long suspected in the slayings of Cliff Walker, his wife, Christine, and their two children.Meet Richard this month on the Ao M Message Boards In many respects the West Virginia Mounds are key to understanding the true story of the Giants who once ruled America.

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