Consolidating files logic pro

Below is the original Logic Score Editor part with various forms of notation and text.

Beneath that is the part brought into another notation program using the Music XML file.

The Music XML feature requires that you have the Score Editor open. So if you are at the instrument level, it will export only that instrument part.

If you are at the score level, it export the score.

The below images show the Score Editor Region Inspector, notes in the Score Editor displayed as 1/8th notes, and the actual note lengths (16th notes) in the Piano Roll Editor.

The addition of Music XML export is a big plus for those who need to move projects to a different notation program.

Since what is important is the audio, we want to show you Logic users how you can get your audio out of that project to send off to us.

When working in Logic, you may have caught on that we have audio tracks and audio regions.

(Music XML also starts all regions at bar one and inserts rests for areas not containing notes.) 2) files export notes as their true length.

Music XML conforms notes to the Score Editor’s display quantization.

Logic displays the notes in bar 3 as eighth notes, but in fact they are 16th notes in actual length, as displayed in the file.

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