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I’m pretty sure that God loves a good joke, so I think he’ll actually follow through with giving me this sign just for the pleasure of seeing the shocked look on my face (and then there’s the fainting part). Until next time, God bless you and your loved ones.

Manya It just occurred to me that the only thing about my life with which I’m not content is the fact that I’m not in a relationship…one that I’m passionate about and thoroughly convinced is THE right one for both of us. It suddenly seems a bit odd to me to be placing so much emphasis on this one area of my life.

We would have waited til this weekend to hike except for two things – snow is predicted AND the trees and bushes are turning color so fast that we might have missed it had we waited. Until very recently, I didn’t consider dating after being divorced and before receiving an annulment to be wrong.

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Here I am now…51 years old…one failed marriage…two failed relationships after that…hmmm.

My control over my life hasn’t worked out in my favor, has it? Because I’m failing miserably as the one in control.

That means that in the eyes of the church, without an annulment, you’re still married.

And we all know that it’s wrong to date while you’re married.

Well, I was dating a Catholic man at the time who hadn’t started the annulment process, so, obviously, his marriage had not been declared invalid by the church and, therefore, in the eyes of the church, he was still married.

I didn’t want to stop dating him so I rationalized and dated anyway…still thinking, “Come on…that’s going a bit too far.” (Yes, it was my relationship with him that ended last week and started me thinking about and writing on this topic.) Let’s go back in time a bit….Actually, I already had a good understanding of it but now it was “in my face.” But I still didn’t listen.Yes, I read that book recently – after receiving an annulment, so what am I talking about?I actually met only 4 men from there in person (I was very picky and cautious! I went on to have serious relationships with 2 of those men, both of which ultimately “failed” (the relationships, not the men :0)). Well, after this latest failed relationship, I have some thoughts about that.I have spent my life trying to be in control of my life.Since only God and I know what this sign is, I’ll probably faint if it ever actually happens. Right apparent to me in any way he chooses…this sign would just be very cool and fun. I could really use some more perspectives on this, so please leave your comments.

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