1 2016 online dating the secrets behind the scenes

After her breakup with Brad, and before she went off to become the star of The Bachelorette, Emily met Tyler at her new church.

Unfortunately, the timing was just off, and Emily had accepted the gig as Bachelorette before anything progressed with her and Tyler.

Now, Emily is sharing about her time in Bachelor Nation and revealing major Bachelor secrets that will shock fans. Here are 14 of the biggest standout secrets that fans might be surprised to read.

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She later says that not getting engaged was a "no-brainer," and that she didn't want to walk away with a fiancé, but only with a serious partner in life.

This will make you question every "Can I steal him/her? Emily shares in her book that none of the bachelors could "approach her without permission, so it's more orchestrated than it looks on TV." She did not go into detail if this was the case for the remainder of the show, but judging by the off-camera moments she was able to have with contestants later on (Jef visited her one night and gave her a turquoise ring), I'd say it was probably a night one rule.

She says, "All Bachelors and Bachelorettes were sternly warned not to spoil any surprises on camera. After her relationship with Brad didn't work out, Emily was asked to be the Bachelorette on Season 7.

Brad got in trouble for this one..."When Brad proposed to Emily, between all of the magic and romance, he said a not-so romantic thing. She didn't take it — Ashley Hebert went on to meet husband J. that season — and recalls her response being "'Thank you, but absolutely not!

We know that validation is key on The Bachelor, but there are certain things producers don't want said to contestants before rose ceremonies.

For instance, Brad told Emily that she would be getting a hometown date the following week, before the rose ceremony even occurred.

According to Emily, the producers on her season both had guesses at whom she would pick as the final guy after night one.

Both of them were wrong, with one producer guessing Ryan and the other choosing Alessandro.

At first, Emily thought maybe she was a journalist or paparazzi, but she turned out to be the middleman for Arie to get to talk to Emily post-Bachelorette.

Christina informed Emily that Arie was around the corner in a car waiting to talk to her.

After a confrontation with Ashley Hebert, Emily was given time from the producers to apologize to her off-camera, which she graciously accepted.

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