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Once you let these little hoodlums, like anger and sadness, lurk around in the back alleys of your psyche, by denying them when they come up, they’re gonna cause all sorts of shenanigans back there.

Resisting what comes up is definitely a dangerous game.

Sometimes the smallest of things can trigger one of these emotional ambushes The best plan is to just experience things as they come up, without any resistance. Plain and simply, we were meant to mother fucking train.

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In fact, make mine a double To feel good, you must also feel bad.

There is no such thing as always trotting down the yellow brick road with a joyous spring in your step and smile on your face.

I urge you to fully live those and embrace the ones you’re leaving on the table.

The more of these you can toss into the blender and into the fruity and tasty smoothie of life, the better you’ll feel.

and all too often somewhere south of Middling and just on the outskirts of Shit Town… My time spent running the streets of both these places has taught me there’s some simple things we can do to feel a lot better, a lot more often, and get rid of the constant state of agitation, unease and discontent many of us carry with us through our days Now there are some people who are so unconscious of what’s going on inside of them they don’t fully realize just how often they don’t feel good.

Feeling like shit has become their standard operating system, and they don’t really know any other way to be.I saw a room full of people who sacrificed how they felt most of the time, for how they thought more money, more success, more stuff, and a better presentation of who they are would make them feel. Stress, worry, agitation and a feeling of something being “off” Diagnosed with OCD and ADHD…Funny thing is, most of them had already achieved what the world would call “success” It became apparent to me, that even though they were successful, were leaders in their fields, appeared to have their shit together and could talk a good game with the best of em’… In fact, I’ve spent a great deal of my life feeling uneasy, tense and just plain lousy It’s like there was always a low-level hum of constant anxiety somewhere in the background of my being. and not the pedestrian kind that your typical American has today… And some of the most amazing people to walk this planet, are the most screwed up…most of them simply weren’t happy, and neither was I I was making good money, had cool things, and what I thought was a “dream life” … I’m talking about being 8 years old and the teacher’s trying to pry me from the ceiling fan, reports sent home with me that said “It’s as if Chris isn’t even in the classroom, he’s off in some other world”, and constant visits to the principle’s office as well as the child psychologist. that screw being driven down into them, is what helped them become so amazing and driven to achieve great things, like art, music, millions of dollars and Olympic medals As far back as I can remember, I’ve felt like shit, even as a little kid.Later in life, not much later actually, I turned to food, sex and drugs to try and make me feel better. The default settings for humans living in today’s world of stressful desk jobs, disconnected virtual relationships and fast food if life itself was one big damn orgasm And other moments where each second felt like a prison sentence.

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