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Same with Armenians, who also have a fair amount of good looking women(like Kim Kardashian).

This includes a couple of them going through my phone and texts.

Of course when there’s a big group of them congregating at a social event, you just know that there’s beef somewhere.

The "I don't need a personality 'cause I'm hot" thang is magnified 10x among Persian girls.

- MPM The Guide to Getting More out of Life really can't add to this apart from the words of an uncle who was in Iran,in the immediate post Iran-Iraq war as part of the UN peace-keeping team.

Again applicable to Iranians, but much more to girls.

My talent is that I’ve managed to piss off my share of women.According to a later account by Jones, both he and Cook played instruments they had stolen.They would go to concerts, and when these were over they would go up on stage and steal as much musical equipment as they could carry.I can’t stand it when someone is being foozool around me.I’ve had Persian girls whose favourite past time was prying in the lives of others, even being enough to ask me about my close friends’ relationship problems.In Slow Burn, Carmen recognises him as the young joker whom she blames for nicking her stuff while she was at Burnywood, after he and three other children from Burnywood arrive at Elm Tree House following a fire.

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