System notsupportedexception updating is not supported by data source

run mysql -u root -p command to access mysql shell, then type show databases; to view all the available databases.

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vscode folder is added into the solution with and file. Build (Ctrl Shift b) and run (Ctrl F5) your application and ping to the Read service as above. Create a Could not invoke this command with the startup project ‘demo’.

Let’s see what are the dependencies required for a mvc application.

Your application doesn’t use that reference anymore. We have to add a reference from My SQL to proceed with this.

In windows with Sql server, We run migration scripts and ensure database is created.

Added metadata handler that display the AOTID of the executing assembly. See also: Get/Home/issues/2518 commit e3e7d6fd04f1fea105c259ae5714d3e9a8dbf0c1 Author: João Matos Date: Thu Jun 16 2016 0100 [System. Compression] Fixed version needed to extract value in Zip central directory record entry. This pull request fixes the issue by overriding the Xml Mappings. Services/System/Web/Services/Protocols/Soap Reflector.cs,515 commit cdad88da7bb0fa16139d785234b68d097b319502 Author: Marcos Henrich Date: Thu Jun 30 2016 0100 [System. This issue only occurs on XAMMAC and MOBILE where the non reference source serializer is still used. Metadata is now also using lowercase instead of uppercase. Compression] Fixed stream length/position getters for ZIP entries. To make it test show the failure I had to set legacy Unhandled Exception Policy to 0 in mcs/class/lib/net_4_x/config Then running we can observe the crash by running: make -C mcs/class/System check TESTNAME=System.

commit 1ebc5c39a40bfc32e0f069fe55f117e87bffced3 Author: Marcos Henrich Date: Mon May 16 2016 0100 [runtime] Adds AOTID AOTID is a GUID generated by the AOT compiler and stored along with the native code. NET on Windows returns a fixed date for this, replicate the same behaviour in Mono. This should fix some problem with Nuget archives created by Mono. (cherry picked from commit 90ee90bbb891f57f3a88bef808d8bd178423ea16) This was committed to the C7SR0 branch but missed from the main C7 branch (i.e. commit 62fc0d14757857747781a97cc326e98cb76cdb20 Author: Alexis Christoforides Date: Tue Jul 5 2016 -0400 [bcl] Fix a random failure in a Data View test which happened because Data View Listener keeps a weak reference on the Data View and stops raising events if the view is GCd. commit ab8a3912c0827dc54a8c2e57c2e695f9ab2d9115 Author: Andi Mc Clure Date: Sat Jul 2 2016 -0400 [runtime] Abort the finalizer thread first instead of stopping it, to allow an orderly shutdown and to avoid hitting the 'finalizer_thread_exited' assert. (#3233) commit c887be36d2bc17a95685104159204d839fa3b4c8 Author: Marcos Henrich Date: Thu Jun 30 2016 0100 [System. Key with the values similar to those used in the reference source version. Xml/System/Xml/Serialization/Xml Members Mapping.cs,28 [2] commit 0935e38357fa71312c701ed6aeec5459dec84a95 Author: Marcos Henrich Date: Mon Jun 27 2016 0100 [System] Fixes Connect Async Unhandled Ex Fixes #41616 Connect Async Callback now throws an exception when called a second time. Changed mono-symbolicate and mono --aot to use the minimalistic GUIDs. commit Date: Tue Jun 21 2016 0100 [mono-symbolicate] Fixes last stacktrace issue. Process stacktrace dump logic into Dump Stack Trace method. Partial fix for Load DOMTree(), which it seems only wants to know if there is data in the stream rather than what the length is. The above hack, which I wrote when re-writing System. In March, I am scheduled to do one more round of cleanup on System. Hello and thank you for the effort on making the SDK work on Mono. Fixes another issue reported by @Numpsy in Office Dev/Open-XML-SDK#64. However, because the function gets called before initializing the runtime, a bridge processor was never initialized. commit bcfd0bdb592ea978fe0de1cb8e4f46280b261290 Author: Marcos Henrich Date: Tue Jun 21 2016 0100 [mono-symbolicate] Fixes last stacktrace issue. Process stacktrace dump logic into Dump Stack Trace method. Non Ignored_Unknown Attribute_O12Mode [FAIL] System. Not Supported Exception : Specified method is not supported. Length (where _base Stream is a Deflate Stream, whose Length property is apparently supposed to throw according to the MSDN), For a little more info, the unit tests get a lot of these errors from Open XMLPart. In the end, I left that hack in there because a) parts are small, so overhead is not too bad, and b) testing indicated that the perf of the new System. Packaging was within 5% of the old one, sometimes faster, sometimes slower. We're going to remove unused parts of the assembly, document the new, reduced API of System. Packaging, I think it would be fine to add a new property, Has Data, which will return whether there is content in the part or not. There are also a couple of instances of 'Package Relationship target must be relative URI if Target Mode is Internal', which I haven't looked at). Date: Tue Jul 12 2016 0100 [aot] Fixes strip tool invocation in to wrap paths in AOT compilation. One of the things this function previously did was initialize the default bridge processor if none has been initialized yet. commit 24caf69a586b02ef3a5f5c448be7bafe1a6dc3bf Author: Marcos Henrich Date: Thu Jun 30 2016 0100 [corlib] Get Aot Id now returns null, if unavailable Also fixes issue when mono_domain still doesn't have any executing assembly set. public override long Length But in these test cases _package File Access is Read Write, so it calls _base Stream. I see 23 failures when running the Packaging tests on the current Mono Master/Linux, with most of those down to the stream length/read only issues mentioned here. commit 361cbb0e828720cea074fff445d4e5f5cf7beb25 Author: Andi Mc Clure Date: Tue Jul 12 2016 -0400 Defer bridge processor init until after sgen init (bug 42469) mono_gc_register_bridge_callbacks is a function which the android implementation calls before initializing the runtime. Replaced static constructor with delayed initialization. Fixed possible undeterministic order of dumped MVIDs. Fixes NRE caused by stackframes without any method assigned to them. Deflate Stream.get_Length () // For some strange reason, if the package File Access == Read, // then can't get length from the stream. // The workaround - write the stream to a memory stream, then return the length of the // memory stream. Get Current Directory(), "Temp-16ab1efb9254430987adc092eeb60c63.docx"); var _container Stream = new File Stream(_path, File Mode. id=39282 I'm thinking that Mono just isn't handling streams in update mode archives correctly, but i'm still getting to grips with how the flags and modes work, so it'll be nice to get comment from someone who knows. commit e1eee0927021b100e6d59767fb3ed538be21c62b Author: Marcos Henrich Date: Thu Jul 7 2016 0100 [corlib] Stack Trace fixes. Add Metadata Handler explaining that it can be used with reflection by outside code, to avoid removing it or changing its signature. commit 0c783ab8b102853c6e27292a23fb988821e0d25f Author: Marcos Henrich Date: Mon Jul 4 2016 0100 [corlib] Skip MVID of stackframes without method. Sql Connection String..ctor(String connection String) …

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