Anotherfriend dating

To be trawled, stalked and scammed after requesting to leave is a nasty and underhand way to do 'business'.

The site is an awful mess - it is a huge scam and in fact populated by an awful lot of personal scammers sadly.

I think there should be a lobbying group effort set up around this online entity there is no business model except fund extractraction.

Dating site this is not the service as a platform for singles works when you have customers who perceive value and it is an authentic experience.

Creates fake profiles by the dozens 24/7 you can see them bottom left on the page under "new members" Everything with a 37F or 37M in the end is fake!! Bills for add-ons that have not been requested and blatantly insists that members must have clicked on the added features therefore cannot have a refund.

Boasting 800000 members but at peak time have barely 600 online. They use the most dirty methods to get you to pay even using women to contact you and tease you into sexual encounters that never happen. Stores Financial information and bills in advance on a recurring basis without consulting members.

I have been receiving emails from this site and I have never even signed up. They have sent me emails about my account username and password.

It looks like they have set up an account for me to try and lure me into their site which made me suspicious of their intention - to rip money off me, that is!!! I was a member of Another Friend on a couple of occasions.

For me it is principle I got caught on 1 month promotion subscription and then matter of duplicate account being set up and they having two accounts to help themselves to funds from.

I found they inadvertently activated accounts a year or so down the road and started helping themselves to premium plus fees of course both showed up differently as did the total in the accounts.

bloody rip off , how can this be allowed to go on, not sure if you talking to a computer or real people, you get to message them and then you are blocked and always asking you to pay money to continue, i will spread the word on sites and will email the irish news papers to tell them them to warn people of this sham of a site, playing with people's feelings, you money making fu-kers Clunky site. Read the T&C and you realize you will never get away from them. It was only when i was getting close to people in conversation that they suspended my account in order to extract upgraded membership.

They suspend you if you mention ANY geography in an email. I found this to be a very callous way by the site to get people to upgrade.

THE PROFILE MAY SAY LOOKING FOR LONG TERM RELATIONSHIP OR MARRIAGE, BUT THEN YOU SOON DISCOVER THIS PERSON IS LIVING WITH SOMEONE (AND NO IT' S NOT THEIR MOTHER, SISTER OR ROOMATE!! THIS SITE WILL SUDDENLY DO A LOCK OUT FOR NO APPARENET REASON , HOWEVER IF YOU ARE WILLING TO UPGRADE TO A PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP USING A CREDIT CARD THIS ONLY MAKES YOUR SITUATION WORSE AS WHEN IT GETS TIME TO RENEW THEN YOUR CREDIT CARD WILL BE BILLED AGAIN AND (AS I HAVE READ OTHER REVIEWS) THIS CAN TRULY BECOME A NIGHTMARE. the sole purpose of this woeful site is to part you from your purse! Crass commercialism inviting the unwary with 'pig in a poke' come-ons. The problem with this is that decent, vulnerable, innocent people who have paid for safe site use, are being abused and, possibly defrauded, by the "users" and, unfortunately, given the lack of grammatical knowledge now, these "users" can con people on the site. I have reported this site within days of subscribing, but the Information Commissioners in the Ro I don't seem to be too interested.

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