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Twitter and Facebook are arguably the largest two social networks.

This is key to its mobile use and indeed the best thing about Twitter. On a smartphone on Twitter you can mention other people and businesses in your tweets. It’s always been difficult to mention a business even if you already like them.

And aside from writing on their wall there’s no sure fire way to contact them.

On Twitter though you can have a very limited number of followers and still reach a large audience. Words on Twitter are searched by millions of users and when you’re talking about a subject the chances are so is someone else. Often you don’t know what you’re looking for and Twitter has a habit of throwing up all sorts of wonderful surprises!

A simple retweet from someone with a lot more followers can really make a difference. The search on Twitter rocks and the advanced search is awesome! Tweets about Social Media Revolver On Facebook you connect with people you’ve already met. On Twitter, hashtags means your conversations can link up easily with others and in a second you’re thrown into huge conversation pools with 1000’s of interested and engaged users.

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It's inevitable that sex Robots and Sex Dolls and all of that will be no longer looked at as different.Pinterest and Instagram are great but work best for visual businesses. It’s given me more connections, more fun, more conversation and more business.And yes, Snapchat and Vine are very popular for the video stars amongst us. Linked In works well when used properly, but then if you’re like me and like to have fun and craft the occasional sarcastic comment, then Linked Iners won’t thank you for it. Yes, Facebook can do that and yes it certainly has – but it’s so much easier on Twitter.Sometimes you just want to say you’re having a great bit of service from XXX and NOT have to check-in geographically to do it. If you have 253 friends then they’re pretty much the only people who will see your post if they’re online at that time.On Twitter you simply type their @name and you’re done. Yes they can share it, but it’s not as common practice on Facebook.I like networking and it’s very powerful for business, and it’s so much easier on Twitter! Now it seems like a battlefield of shouty updates and adverts.

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