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Ball later deleted photos of the injuries from her phone. 23, when Ball jumped on a guy he knew that was talking to Sellers while out at Ken’s Tavern on Tennessee Street.

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He then laid on the floor and tried to choke himself.

When the roommate called 911, “other Florida State football coaches came in the room and told them that the police did not come, and they helped him,” according to the court record. The news was first reported by the Tampa Bay Times.

Ball threw her to the floor, cutting open her right knee.

He later pushed her onto a chair, smacked the side of her thigh leaving a handprint bruise, and bent her car key so she could not leave.

When Robin Martin's husband, Mark, leaves for work each morning, Robin has a little ritual.

Every morning, she tells him she loves him, to be careful and that she'll see him that night.

One incident cited in the injunction involved FSU football personnel.“He is a violent person and I’m scared he’s going to take it took far,” Sellers wrote in the injunction obtained by the Sentinel.

Ball, who is from Virginia and has emerged as a starting left tackle for the Seminoles, will have a domestic violence hearing on the matter on Thursday in Leon County court.

We did infact go through some of the normal trails of a new couple living together for the first time: learning more about each other, trying to keep our individuality, working towards our goals, paying bills, etc.

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