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Paubert remembers the pain of being a teenage single mother, “and no man wants you anymore because you are done, you have a baby.You walk and everyone, whether adult or child, they yell at you about how bad you are, how ugly you are....”The country has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy, according to the United Nations, and one of the highest rates of child marriage, with 41% of girls married by 18. has urged countries to modify traditions that hurt women and children, but practices such as female genital mutilation, forcing widows to marry brothers-in-law, child marriage, virginity testing and witch-killing endure in some parts of the world, including Africa.UNICEF and humanitarian agencies have long struggled to end child marriage, but cultural customs are often difficult to change in rural communities. From the traditional Malagasy perspective, it makes sense for parents to move girls out into their own houses to become sexual beings, according to anthropologist Jeffrey Kaufmann, an expert on southern Madagascar.

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Many girls are moved out of cramped family houses by their mid-teens and given their own small huts near the family home, a rite of passage in preparation for marriage.“Parents want to show the community that, ‘My girl is ready,’ because the parents think she has become an adult,” said Meta Paubert, a Seattle-based Tandroy woman who runs Nofy i Androy, a nongovernmental organization working in southern Madagascar to help girls stay in school. The women and their children are the poorest and hungriest people here in Madagascar’s most impoverished region., a Malagasy word meaning “little girl,” may take payment from the men they allow into their huts, villagers do not consider this prostitution.

The tradition, preserved by several ethnic groups, leaves these single girls prey to men who surround their huts at night and suitors who lose interest as soon as girls get pregnant.“They just want them because they’re little girls, fresh,” said Paubert, who was a single teenage mother in southern Madagascar, but became one of the few to return to school and go to university. Valopee, bone-thin from years of drought, poverty and hunger, has no second name, does not know her age and is raising six children on her own.

In some communities it is forbidden to build latrines, leading to high rates of open defecation that spreads disease.

Then there is the funeral tradition of the Tandroy tribe, which leaves communities impoverished.

The girls’ houses are placed to the east of the main house, as a sign of respect to the ancestors who are believed to influence the luck or misfortune of the living.“It is not a sign of moral decay or the plight of a victim,” he said.

“A virgin is a lost cause in this society we are discussing.Such a being is not equipped to take on the world she is entering.She needs to learn about sex, how to bond a man or men to her and how to make decisions on her own that will prepare her for life.”Valopee, who was about 13 when she was moved out of her mother’s house, said she would like to see her community abandon the tradition. In 2006, she met a man who stayed for seven years and fathered several of her children.In southern Madagascar, all a man's wealth - held in cattle - are killed when he dies and his house is burned down leaving his family impoverished.Bull horns adorn the tomb, a display of worldly wealth, but a man's children and grandchildren must struggle to survive.She has her right to exist.”In Madagascar there are other harmful traditions.

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