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The drydown is feminie too: musk, musk, musk with a hint of cedarwood.

This perfume went hand in hand with the styles that were becoming popular, it was all about heroin chic and androgyny for a while, and once again Calvin Klein was smart and clever about creating controversy, and exploiting a different kind of sexuality.

Kate Moss really was smaller and skinnier and different looking than the other models that were popular at the time.

and this is fantastic for every day wear at a low price !

however I don’t smell any fruity notes or Ambery powderyness !

I could not afford it back then but when I finished studying and started working I made sure to buy it!

I ADORE this fragrance for summer - it's clean, fresh but also chic and classy with a sexy edge.

Layer this with a cucumber melon scented body lotion for a refreshingly authentic 1990's smell. Still smells unisex, but slightly more feminine with a barely-there aquatic edge and boosted longevity. I live in a tropical country and I can wear this everyday (..I probably won't because I'm pushing 40 and this suits young people more.) - This has more depth than the usual citrus fragrance, but does not overdo it like L'Eau D'Issey Pour Homme does. I don't mean my very first cologne but one of the first. As it opens the citrus comes through loud and clear. This is a spicy but not too spicy scent that reminds me of the fougeres with spice/vanilla like Dana Canoe or Old Spice but this is far more green and definitely less powdery. This would lead me to believe it's a chypre but for me it never gets too big a green scent as I like (i.e. It's quite linear and simple, like an intro to green scents.

I'm willing to bet many girls wore this combo back in the day because both items were popular, and the result? - So many people describe this as a "safe" scent, but this does not pander to the crowd. - This isn't known for its longevity but it matches with my body chemistry so well that it lasts up to 8 hours on me without a need for any respray. This is essentially a simple citrus clean floral woodsy musk, soapy, green, fresh and no nonsense. Smells of lemon with even parts of mandarin and bergamot and some pineapple and papaya. When dry it reveals musk, sandalwood, cedar wood and amber. I only feel the unisex/feminine connection with the citrus and floral touches but the dry down is masculine.

Then the 90s rolled in, with the grunge music and the fashions that came with it.

Calvin Klein had the racy, controversial jeans ads with Brooke Shields in the early 80s, and those weird, stalker-ish Obsession perfume commercials and ads in the later 80s.

These days it doesn't seem unique or different, but when you put the perfume and the ads in the context of that time period, it was one of the pop cultural things that helped define that era, and paved the way for similar types of scents. But it lasts no longer than the much cheaper Elizabeth Arden Green Tea, and though a lot prettier than Green Tea which is also a very nice fragrance, it just doesn't last as long as even a much cheaper perfume.

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