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Some guy was laughing about it too, I hurried up the stairs and found this raven haired blue eyes beauty barely able to move lying on the stairs.“Are you okay?? She didn’t say anything she just smiled, so I helped her to her feet and back up to her apartment.“Stupid bitch,” chuckled a guy with a heavy foreign accent.“Fuck you,” she slurred to him. Out of nowhere her hand was gliding across my crotch, instantly I was hard.When I got to the top of the stairs to her apartment a tall guy stood in the door way with a smirk on his face. I shrugged and immediately went to kiss her sexy lips.

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I felt my cock spraying and expanding inside her warm mouth – deep inside her throat. Riley Reid has no piercings and has tattoos on her back and shoulder.

I grabbed her long black hair and shoved her face deeper onto my meat. Riley Reid does a great mix of hardcore and softcore scenes, and has shot for such big names in the adult industry as Bang Bros and Blazing Pornstars.

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I looked past him and two skinny blonde females were dancing inside with their tops off. These people partied almost every fucking night like this. I just laughed with her and played it off; I didn’t even know where she was going with that.“That’s good,” I told her. Her hands unbuttoned my pants and pulled them down, she wasted no time stuffing my cock in her mouth as far as she could. Her pants came off and revealed the most beautiful shaved pussy my eyes have ever witnessed.

Part of me wanted to join them.“Hope she’s okay,” I told the guy, “also, not to be rude but could you turn the music down just a bit? Big tits, small waist and her tight little jeans left nothing to the imagination. “I told two Hindu guys I shave pussy at work, now they want to fuck. She lit up a cigarette as I fumbled with my keys to open the door. My hands found her wet cunt, it was dripping.“I wanted to fuck you first day,” she moaned.

Usually I would just go home and take a nap but that day I walked in the hallway and saw the raven blue eyed girl sitting at the base of the stairs. I gripped her tightly, she wasn’t going to escape and hop off me, not after having an orgasm like that! She let me fist her, she told me that her body was my toy to “enjoy.” Eventually they moved away, and so did we. Yes, my wife eventually found out about Agata, and I eventually found out that Agata's brother was nailing my wife. She made quite a few hardcore scenes for 21sextury Network before retiring - she will be missed!

I started thrusting deep into her over and over.“Tell me when you cum,” she said as she started riding me in synch to my thrusts. I wanted to fill her with my cum, but second guessed myself really quick. We’ve lost contact but it was some of the most fun times I’ve ever had. Guess who has an open marriage because of the epic Biography Also know as: Jessika Swan, Ira Lebedeva, Jessica Swan, Silvia Nationality: Hungarian Birthday: November 08Languages spoken: Hungarian, English Hair color: Black Eye color: Brown Piercing: Tongue Weight: 41 kg Height: 156 cm About Jessyka Swan was born in Budapest, Hungary on November 08. ********************************************************************************Biography Also know as: Own her Nationality: Russian Birthday: November 09Languages spoken: Russian, English Hair color: Brown Eye color: Grey*********************************************************************************Biography Also know as: Paige Riley, Riley Reed Nationality: American Birthday: July 09Languages spoken: English Hair color: Brown Eye color: Green Other: Nationality/Heritage: Irish / Puerto Rican / Dominican.

He worked construction and his sister was a secretary. His sister told me she was thankful for “saving my life,” and that I was a hero or some shit. I drank a beer with them, they seem cool.”The next morning I woke up and went to work. I felt her pussy pumping my cock slowly at first, but she began pumping faster and faster until she let out a scream. Her body was out of control, bucking and writhing in ecstasy.

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