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Because of this, the importance of combining Address Standardization with a robust USPS Address Correction service prior to using an Address Updating service is vastly beneficial to the end result.More often than not, businesses that offer Address Updating services do not provide you with a CASS certified address record.

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Only a postal correction occurred in advance – the addresses were correct at the household level, but whether the recipient actually still lived there could not be determined before the mailing campaign.

There were no countryspecific address reconciliations and therefore no comprehensive address updating.

In Figure 3, example 3, neither the original record, nor the updated matching record may necessarily be USPS standardized or even correct to begin with.

In Address Updating, a record can easily return a match against an identically flawed or separately incorrect address.

Businesses that provide Address Updating services maintain extremely expensive and proprietary databases with information they have gathered from a wide variety of public and private venues such as credit card applications, cellular contracts, mortgage documentation, magazine subscriptions and even surveys you may have filled out at your local grocery store.

This data is pooled and sold to other businesses that are seeking additional or potentially updated information available on their client records.For addresses from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, POSTADRESS GLOBAL organizes reconciliations with relocation addresses as well as deceased and undeliverable information.Addresses from Austria are reconciled against the national Robinson list.In our experience, matching USPS Corrected and Standardized records against an Updating service results in a 14% greater match rate on average compared to raw data.. Dark Sky does not use GPS, which can be a big battery hog, to get your location in the background.Find out more: International Data Management (IDMI) has been providing full-service data driven solutions to the non-profit community since its inception in 1994.

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