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Queen Noor inherited eight step children and the couple had four of their own – Crown Prince Hamzah, Prince Hashim, Princess Iman and Princess Raiyah.When her husband died in February 1999 his eldest son, from his first marriage, Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein ascended the throne. born, 57-year-old widow of the late King Hussein of Jordan, is reportedly dating H. Carlos Slim, King of Telmex, Prince of Sanborn’s and Count of the many-many dollars.

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Queen Noor of Jordan, 61, who, like the Duchess, married into royalty when she was in her twenties, said she hoped that "in time" the Duchess would be an "inspiration to young women – to help them understand the potential they have to contribute to their society and the rights and the legal rights they have." The Duchess has been named one of the most influential people in the world by Time magazine but so far has been cautious in her public speaking roles – speaking for the first time as a member of the royal family this March - 11 months after her wedding. The queen said that the Duchess "had already demonstrated an understanding of concept of public service to something larger than oneself".

She said: "Over time there will be a range of issues that are UK issues to which I am sure she will contribute." Queen Noor, 61, who is speaking about women's legal rights at a conference in London next month, was born and brought up in America before she married her late husband King Hussein in 1978, when she was 26.

On her first visit to Washington as a queen she was upset that reporters failed to ask her meaningful questions, instead focussing on her clothes and hair.

"I hoped to be taken as a credible voice with serious matters to discuss," she wrote in her autobiography.

Melania was born in Slovenia before coming to America. Her Majesty was the king's 4th wife, Melania is Donald Trump's 3rd wife.

According to Spain’s Semana magazine, the two are an item and have been seen globe-trotting in super luxurious planes and automobiles."As an American returning to the land of my ancestors – the Arab world - I did find myself being drawn into a position of trying to be a bridge to understanding." Since the start of her marriage Queen Noor has been outspoken on a range of controversial issues, such as the Israeli/ Palestinian conflict (she is an ardent supporter of Palestinian rights) and women’s education and rights.She said: "The pioneering attempts I made to level the playing fields through education and micro financing were initially met with scepticism by a few with fixed kind sets." But she said her husband "fully supported me and the responsibilties I felt I should assume." Instead it was the media that held her back."Often commentators conflate restrictions on women with religion but these are more the result of, even pre Islamic, cultural and patriarchal traditions as well as the struggle between competing interpretations of Islamic teachings.Instead of politicising the issue of women and religion or allowing political parties to, we should look deeper to develop successful and sustainable solutions.Queen Noor is a key speaker next month at Trust Women, a conference in London about women’s legal rights.

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