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Often referred to as “greasing the groove” this type of training, when done with the proper volume and frequency, can build and strengthen certain weaker joints that would otherwise remain in a state of repair while doing heavy, body part-specific exercises.

Performing full range of motion push-ups, pull-ups and squat movements, for example, will move the joint in the full spectrum of its ability without the use of heavy, joint-pounding weight.

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To regress on the same exercise you could perform them on your knees, push-off from an elevated block with your feet on the ground or do half reps. Now, let’s take a look at just a few of the many benefits of bodyweight training and what it can do for you.

Build real, full-body strength: Who can argue with this one.

While on the road most hotels have a basic, small gym area or you can simply get a great workout in the privacy of your room.

The point is that little is required for an effective bodyweight training workout.

Do you feel like without the perfect set-up you won’t get in a real workout?

Depending on what you want to accomplish all that is needed is a bar or two (as mentioned above).

It possibly could be a weak spot in your range of motion or other “link” in the chain.

Bodyweight training challenges your entire range of motion not only for a specific body part but also for both your entire upper and lower halves.

It is easy to see the massive benefit to bodyweight training.

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