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The singer, dubbed ‘Lesbian Jesus’ by some fans, recently began posting behind-the-scenes clips and photos from past video shoots ahead of her releasing new music. One of her most-loved videos, Gravel To Tempo, involves Hayley’s character repeatedly dancing in front of a group of female students.

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Lesbian dating video

For more on Dear Marsha (like why it's called that) check out more posts in the series!

I hate giving Internet space to the voices of negativity, but for the sake of conversations that the LGBT community needs to be having, I’m going to talk about Arielle Scarcella.

Someone once told me "I'm gonna call you Scout (from To Kill a Mockingbird) from now on...

I enjoy life, try to keep things in perspective and live honestly and peacefully.

I'm a lay back chill that loves to have fun but know when to handle buiesness to know more just ask Hello! who works with stain glass mosaics, drives a school bus and makes lunch for folks at a local supermarket. For my full time job I am a paraprofessional and I love my job!

I'm working on getting my life in better places for me and my children .

To my trans friends and family, please take care of yourself.

America is baring its teeth against you and you’re standing strong as always. And those of us who are real allies are here to defend you, to listen to you, and to take action with you.

I like to be nudged out of my comfort zone and am open-minded and well-rounded personally and professionally.

I am a confident, successful professional who loves animals, mentoring younger professionals in their career trajectories, and am dedicated to philanthropic causes.

I don't mind going out but also don't mind staying in and cuddling. I really enjoy learning and aspire to become a Psychologist to help others in need as I was once helped during a rather difficult time in my life.

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