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During his work on this Portfolio, he was an attorney in the tax group at King & Spalding LLP.

USRPHC: Indirect Asset Ownership (1) Foreign RPHC (2) USRPHC: Controlling Interests (3) USRPHC: Non-Controlling Interests (4) USRPHC: Partnership, Trust, and Estate Interests h. Distributions of USRPIs by Domestic Corporations 1. Interests Subject to Taxation Upon Later Dispositions 6. Nonrecognition Under FIRPTA - Tax-Free Transfers 1. General Rule (1) USRPI for USRPI Requirement (2) Interests Subject to Tax Upon Subsequent Disposition (3) Filing Requirements b.

USRPHC: Determination Dates (1) Importance (2) Basic Approach of the Regulations (3) Alternative Monthly Determination Dates g. Nonrecognition of Gain or Loss upon Dispositions of USRPIs E. Distributions by a Foreign Corporation in Certain Reorganizations 5. Consequences of Nonapplication of Nonrecognition Provisions 2.

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Michael Caballero is a tax partner in the Washington, D.

Distributions of USRPIs by Partnerships, Trusts, or Estates D.

Maximum Tax Liability Limitation (1) Unsatisfied Withholding Liability (2) Computing the "Maximum Amount of Tax" (3) Taking NOLs Into Account b. Deductions (1) Depreciation (2) Interest (a) Earnings Stripping (b) Deferral of Deduction Until Paid (c) Imputed Interest (d) Mandatory Capitalization of Interest Expense (3) Ad Valorem Real Property Taxes (4) Discretionary Capitalization of Interest and Taxes b. Eligibility to Make the Election; Income to Which the Election Applies c. Section 897(i): Exclusive Method of Claiming Non-Discrimination m. Withholding by Nongrantor Trusts and Estates - "USRPI Account" c. Property Transferred Not a USRPI (1) Interests in Corporations; Certifying Statements (a) When Statement Cannot Be Relied On (b) Publicly Traded Stock (2) Partnership Interests; Certifying Statements (a) When Statement Cannot Be Relied On (b) Publicly Traded Partnerships (3) Estate or Trust Interests (4) Disposition by Foreign Partnership d. USRPI Dispositions by Domestic Partnerships, Trusts, and Estates a. Interest Holder Not a Foreign Person (1) Interest Holder's Certification of Non-Foreign Status (2) Determining Interest Holder's Status by Other Means (3) USRPI Disposition by Domestic Partnership (4) Use of Agreement Provisions c.

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