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We have four different rules for determining if you are insured for purposes of establishing a period of disability or becoming entitled to disability insurance benefits.

The IRS today released an advance version of Notice 2017-57 announcing that, pursuant to an executive order, the IRS and Treasury Department intend to amend final and temporary regulations (issued in late 2016) under section 987, which governs currency gains and losses with respect to the operations of a “qualified business unit” (QBU) with a different functional currency than the taxpayer.

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KPMG is guiding the healthcare and life sciences industry in the transition from “volume to value” through advanced business transformation methodologies, coupled with our long-standing tax, audit and advisory services.

The IRS notice also provides that a taxpayer may elect under Reg.

section 1.987-11(b) to apply the final regulations and the related temporary regulations to tax years beginning after December 7, 2016 (subject to the conditions in Reg.

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To have disability insured status, you must meet one of these rules and you must be fully insured (see § 404.132 which tells when the period ends for determining the number of quarters of coverage (QCs) you need to be fully insured).

(b) You are insured in a quarter for purposes of establishing a period of disability or becoming entitled to disability insurance benefits if in that quarter— (1) You are fully insured; and (2) You have at least 20 QCs in the 40-quarter period (see paragraph (f) of this section) ending with that quarter.

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